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We don't have time to problem solve

Updated: Apr 11

One question that comes up frequently is, "We don't have any time to problem solve. How can I create a quick, yet thorough, process?"


When there is no structured problem solving process, every time a problem occurs the problem solver has to figure out what to do and how to communicate the solution (if they even really found one). Each problem resolution is a work of art which may or may not be shared/leveraged. Yeuw, what a time suck!


To make the process faster, you need a structured and standardized process that includes investigation, interim countermeasures, root cause analysis and permanent countermeasures and the actions that need to take place. Management re-enforcement is required to get folks to use any process, let alone a process where folks previously had complete freedom. Problem solving does not conform to a "Field of Dreams" scenario, where "If you build it, they will come." Its closer to, "If it is required by management then resistance is futile."


Once you get past the whining and moaning, the questions in the process begin to seep into corporate culture. So instead of being told that, "XXXX is broken," you'll hear, "This is what's actually happening and this is what should be happening." By stating the problem clearly, in a standard pattern, folks can get moving faster and it becomes easier to get others focused on the problem at hand.


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