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Track. Automate. Problem Solve Together.

PHRED provides an effective and powerful tool to manage and control the 5 why, 8D and A3 problem solving process internally and with your customers and suppliers. 

Better Collaboration


Scalable & Flexible

Secure (Cloud or on-prem)

Seamless Interfaces

Data Sharing

problem solving teams working on an 8D

With the Right Tool, Great Things Can Happen

Our web based tool makes root cause analysis easier for your teams and management so they can focus on problem solving, instead of managing a manual or complex tool. This improves internal efficiency, customer satisfaction and supplier quality, saving time and lowering costs.


What We Offer

automatic reports and charts for problem solving

All-In-One Solution

Manage your problem solving process from start to finish  across all sites and departments on a single platform. Work directly on problems with customers and suppliers. 

searchable database for 8D

Global        Visibility

Look-across all problem solving data globally with a few clicks. Understand what's going on at a high level, then dive into the details.

track and organize problem solving

Tracking and Organization

Keep track of problems, due dates and action assignments. Use email notifications and escalations to ensure folks are staying on task. 

problem solving workflows

Workflows That Work

Customize PHRED to reflect the way your teams currently work. Seamlessly integrate PHRED with other software tools to pass data back and forth and minimize manual data entry.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders Since 1991

We have extensive experience in making problem solving work in global corporations. Our flexible system design accommodates multiple industries and use cases. Create the system that you need, without all the extras that you don't. 

8D in automotive
8D in aerospace
8D in the technology industry
8D in food and beverage
8D in building materials industry
8D in oil and gas
8D in mining
8D in packaging

What Our Clients Say

"Our customers supply the automotive and aerospace industries so they're very demanding. Complaints have become opportunities to work with the customer and show them that we care."

Kevin H.

"We can track the cost of complaints in material, transportation, and scrap. These numbers get people’s attention and have brought on change."

Kristen H.

"Our old system was manual on Excel. We transferred that template into PHRED and hit the ground running. Having a automated system on the web is much more efficient and keeps my teams on task."

Mark S.

Pricing Options

Discover the perfect pricing plan with our customizable options. From $55 per month for single users to enterprise-wide licenses, find the best fit for your budget and business needs.

  • Enterprise or per user license

  • Month by month or long term

  • SaaS, no IT involvement needed

  • Cloud or on-premise

  • User support included

Maximize your team's potential with our problem solving tool.

supplier 8D
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