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"Solve it" vs. "Fix It"

Does your organization have:

  • Too many problems

  • Overloaded problem solvers

  • Unresolved problems

  • Multiple fixes and few solutions

  • Many recurring problems

If the answer is "yes" to any of the above questions, you are probably working in a “Fix It” culture.

Corporate culture plays a huge role in problem solving. Many organizations have a heroic culture of rewarding problem firefighters. The heroic “FIX IT NOW” mentality results in an organization being constantly under the pressure of having too many problems and too few problem solvers.

Don’t confuse problem solving with corrective actions. Many organizations have some form of corrective action system. This is really just a list of problems and fixes. If you don’t work problems through to Root Cause, you will be forever fixing the same problem.

In “Solve It” cultures, organizations spend the time to understand the root cause before putting in place permanent solutions. Fully investigating a problem is a valued work process.

8D is a tried and tested business methodology that gets to the root of a problem and its Permanent Solutions. 8D enables you to “Solve It” not just "Fix It".

Use of the 8D methodology changes the dynamic from firefighters fixing issues ASAP, to a repeatable, sharable, and auditable business process for finding Root Cause and Permanent Solutions.

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