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Internal Problem Solving

Using a global, searchable problem solving tool can be a game-changer for improving quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With easy access to this information and seamless interfaces with your other software tools, you can identify patterns and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve. Our user-friendly system will guide users through the root cause analysis process step-by-step using 8D, A3 or your current structure while tracking progress and sending alerts to keep everyone on task.


Get a bird's eye view of what's happening across all sites with our powerful, searchable database. Stay on top of your teams and make informed decisions with ease.

User Friendly

Designed with ease of use in mind, anyone can identify the root cause of a problem. You'll be able to solve more problems and systematically drive out issues.

Reports & Charts

Easily generate and distribute reports and charts without manually compiling data. Make informed decisions and stay on top of your business performance. 

Customized Templates

We'll match your current process and workflows so you don't need to change procedures or re-train people. This can include 8D, A3, 3x5 whys, DMAIC, and more.


Email reminders are sent so due dates are adhered to. If tasks are ignored, they can be escalated to management.

Support and Experience

We have been implementing problem solving systems in global corporations since 1991. With our proven approach and experienced support team, we can make it work for you too.

automatic reports and charts for problem solving
searchable database for 8D
track and organize problem solving
problem solving workflows

What Our Clients Say

"Having a searchable database is very impactful in our day to day. My teams can keyword search to see what was done before. And they're gaining insights from problems that occurred at other sites."

Paulo J.

"Now, we can see repeat problems and understand when we need do a full 8D investigation. Previously, we didn't realize how many repeats we had because everyone was working in silos."

Klaus C.

"The reports and charts in PHRED are saving so much time. I don't have to manually pull that data from multiple systems for my monthly meetings."

Terry M.

Get ready to maximize your team's potential with our problem solving tool.

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